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Product Spotlight - Kodak Insite Proofing Process

Dickinson Press has adopted Kodak's InSite proofing software allowing our customers the ability to streamline the proofing process. By utilizing this web-based system users can manage the proofing, correction, and approval of jobs.

The Benefits of using Kodak InSite with Dickinson Press:
• Expedite proofing times and eliminate shipping costs.
• Accurately track all activity including the status of uploads, revisions and approvals.
• Create individual user accounts to simplify the management of projects.
• Multiple users can collaborate on changes and make revisions from various locations.

Automate your approval process and 
enjoy more efficient production today!

How does InSite work? Use the InSite portal to upload files similar to uploading files to the DPI ftp site. Almost instantly, your files go through a pre-flighting process.
Your DPI customer service representative will receive an e-mail notification that the files have been received and have been through a pre-flight check. To find out more visit dickinsonpress.com/insite



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