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Dickinson Press is proud to support Biblica's CBE program!

Recently, during his visit to Philadelphia, Pope Francis received and blessed a new partnership initiative between Biblica and Ramon Pane Foundation that has produced a special New Testament edition of Biblica’s Books of The Bible. The new volume designed to serve Catholic families around the world is called Books of the Bible Lectio Divina for Families - New Testament and is available in five languages, initially.

Biblica’s unique Community Bible Experience offers a fresh format of the Bible along with suggestions on how to read together in community. Void of chapters, verses and cross-references, the Books of the Bible edition presents Scripture in a format that reads more like a story and less like a reference book. Paired with Ramon Pane’s Lectio Divina material, families are invited to read the New Testament together and the results are already proving to be powerful. In an early test in Mexico City, 800 families testified to how meaningful it was to read the Bible together with this special New Testament. The reading is easy to understand and the family conversations were engaging as they immersed themselves in Scripture together.  

The Books of the Bible Lectio Divina for Families – New Testament was proudly printed by Dickinson Press’ digital subsidiary, DP Digital Books. We are honored to have been part of this historic event and truly value our relationship and partnership with Biblica.

To find out more about this program please visit, biblica.com/en-us/cbe/

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