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Customer Spotlight - The Berean Call

Founded three decades ago under the direction of bestselling author and Bible teacher Dave Hunt, the ministry of The Berean Call (TBC) remains steadfast in its mission to alert believers in Christ to unbiblical teachings and practices impacting the church and to exhort believers to give greater heed to biblical discernment and truth.

The ministry derives its name from the book of Acts, where Paul commends those who listened to his teaching in Berea for being “more noble than those in Thessalonica . . . [because] they . . . searched the scriptures daily'” to see if his teaching was in accordance to the Word of God (Acts 17:11).

Today, The Berean Call exhorts believers to “earnestly contend for the faith” (Jude 3) and to "prove all things; hold fast to that which is good" (1 Thessalonians 5:21). In addition to a vast research website, the ministry offers a free monthly newsletter and weekly radio podcast. TBC also produces and distributes books, videos, audio recordings, and other outreach materials.

Dickinson Press has been fortunate to work on a number of publications for The Berean Call. As a small publisher, The Berean Call values the flexibility that Dickinson Press offers. We recently asked TBC's creative director and print production manager, Mark Dinsmore, what makes Dickinson Press his vendor of choice:

“DP offers us great flexibility in terms of scale as well as binding and finishing choices. We’ve done everything from hardcover books with dust jackets and embossing to unique production challenges, such as paperbacks with front and back flaps.”

Additionally, Dickinson’s wide range of printing solutions affords TBC the ability to utilize both traditional offset printing as well as short-run, print on demand technology. “With offset runs,” shared Mr. Dinsmore, “we've recently found new cost-effectiveness for printing as few as 2,000 copies, and of course with DP Digital, we get near-instant gratification for almost anything we wish to put into print.”

As a non-profit ministry, The Berean Call values Dickinson’s commitment to Christian practices and principles, a long history of Bible printing, and a personal relationship with local Business Development Manager Terry Musclow. According to Mr. Dinsmore, “In addition to other factors, one of the unique characteristics of DP we appreciate is their legacy of Bible printing.”

The unique ability to print on lightweight paper makes Dickinson one of only a handful of domestic printers able to produce Bibles and Hymnals. The experienced and dedicated sales team is committed to building lasting relationships, providing personal attention, and offering complete customer satisfaction.

“There is one individual who has kept us connected and satisfied through the years to the point that it would be difficult to shop for printing anywhere else—and that is our faithful sales representative, Terry Musclow,” said TBC’s Mark Dinsmore. “In an industry rife with personnel turnover, Terry has not only kept us informed of new production capabilities and efficiencies, but has consistently modeled character and integrity with rare compassion for the well-being of his customers.”

We at Dickinson truly appreciate our partnership with The Berean Call, and we value their continued loyalty and support. To find out more about TBC’s ministry or the products they offer please visit www.thebereancall.org.


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