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Blackford Capital Invests in Dickinson Press

We are very excited to announce that Blackford Capital, a Grand Rapids based private equity firm, has invested in Dickinson Press. Through this investment we now have access to additional resources that will help us expand operations and compete in a broader market.

Blackford Capital and our management team are presently exploring ways to improve and broaden our services. We are researching new equipment upgrades, investments in new technology and potential acquisitions. Consequently, we expect to bolster our existing services and widen our market share.  

Operations at Dickinson have not changed. You can still expect the same great quality and service that has been the cornerstone of our success for over 130 years. For more than a century we have been at the forefront of industry change and innovation.  As a result of this partnership we will now have the ability to better meet the needs of our current and potential customers.

We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to being your printer of choice for many years to come!

Your friends at Dickinson Press


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