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Dickinson Press is proud to support Biblica's CBE program!

December 2, 2015

Recently, during his visit to Philadelphia, Pope Francis received and blessed a new partnership initiative between Biblica and Ramon Pane Foundation that has produced a special New Testament edition of Biblica’s Books of The Bible. The new volume designed to serve Catholic families around the world is called Books of the Bible Lectio Divina for Families - New Testament and is available in five languages, initially.

Biblica’s unique Community Bible Experience offers a fresh format of the Bible along with suggestions on how to read together in community. Void of chapters, verses and cross-references, the Books of the Bible edition presents Scripture in a format that reads more like a story and less like a reference book. Paired with Ramon Pane’s Lectio Divina material, families are invited to read the New Testament together and the results are already proving to be powerful. In an early test in Mexico City, 800 families testified to how meaningful it was to read the Bible together with this special New Testament. The reading is easy to understand and the family conversations were engaging as they immersed themselves in Scripture together.  

The Books of the Bible Lectio Divina for Families – New Testament was proudly printed by Dickinson Press’ digital subsidiary, DP Digital Books. We are honored to have been part of this historic event and truly value our relationship and partnership with Biblica.

To find out more about this program please visit, biblica.com/en-us/cbe/

Blackford Capital Invests in Dickinson Press

September 17, 2015

We are very excited to announce that Blackford Capital, a Grand Rapids based private equity firm, has invested in Dickinson Press. Through this investment we now have access to additional resources that will help us expand operations and compete in a broader market.

Blackford Capital and our management team are presently exploring ways to improve and broaden our services. We are researching new equipment upgrades, investments in new technology and potential acquisitions. Consequently, we expect to bolster our existing services and widen our market share.  

Operations at Dickinson have not changed. You can still expect the same great quality and service that has been the cornerstone of our success for over 130 years. For more than a century we have been at the forefront of industry change and innovation.  As a result of this partnership we will now have the ability to better meet the needs of our current and potential customers.

We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to being your printer of choice for many years to come!

Your friends at Dickinson Press


Another Satisfied Customer

July 30, 2015

We have had a great experience with DP Digital Books.  The cost is very reasonable, the turnaround time is fast, and we can order one copy or a thousand—eliminating the necessity of a large up-front investment and storage issues.  For example, a medium sized 170-page paperback with a beautiful glossy or matte cover costs approximately $3—even if you want only one copy, and it ships within three days.

Their customer service representative has helped me immensely. If you have questions about any part of the process—from setting up an account to ordering copies of the book, he is always happy to assist.

Sherry Gore, Fairhaven Ministries

About Fairhaven Ministries: Fairhaven provides comfortable accommodations for personal retreats, family vacations or group meetings. Furnished chalets and cottages in secluded settings provide opportunities for rest and renewal. Find out more at www.fairhavenministries.net


Product Spotlight - Kodak Insite Proofing Process

June 12, 2015

Dickinson Press has adopted Kodak's InSite proofing software allowing our customers the ability to streamline the proofing process. By utilizing this web-based system users can manage the proofing, correction, and approval of jobs.

The Benefits of using Kodak InSite with Dickinson Press:
• Expedite proofing times and eliminate shipping costs.
• Accurately track all activity including the status of uploads, revisions and approvals.
• Create individual user accounts to simplify the management of projects.
• Multiple users can collaborate on changes and make revisions from various locations.

Automate your approval process and 
enjoy more efficient production today!

How does InSite work? Use the InSite portal to upload files similar to uploading files to the DPI ftp site. Almost instantly, your files go through a pre-flighting process.
Your DPI customer service representative will receive an e-mail notification that the files have been received and have been through a pre-flight check. To find out more visit dickinsonpress.com/insite



Our Enviromental Commitment

April 29, 2015

Dickinson Press is deeply committed to being a responsible steward of the environment. We have implemented several business practices that promote green initiatives and embrace sustainability.

Recently the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality conducted an unannounced air quality inspection at Dickinson Press. The purpose of the inspection was to evaluate compliance with state and federal air quality rules and regulations. We are pleased to announce that we passed the inspection and are in compliance with DEQ regulations.

This inspection reaffirms our commitment to conservation and environmental responsibility. To learn more about our sustainability initiatives please visit dickinsonpress.com/environment.

Product Spotlight - Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions from Dickinson Press

April 2, 2015

We now offer a wide variety of fulfillment and distribution options including complete warehousing and order management services to small carton, pallet and truckload shipments.

Storage - Our facilities span nearly 200,000 square feet which allows us to accommodate publisher's complete warehousing and inventory needs.

Inventory Management - From one to one thousand titles, our team has perfected the art of inventory management. Our customer portal allows users to view and make changes to inventory in real time.

Order Fulfillment - Our team of seasoned professionals will take special care to make sure orders are accurately packed and secured.

For more information about our fulfillment services please visit fulfillment services or contact your business development manager. For a detailed proposal please download a fulfillment questioner.

Product Spotlight - eCommerce, eBooks and publishing solutions

March 19, 2015

In addition to offset and digital printing, Dickinson Press offers a wide range of products and services for authors and publishers. Some of the many publishing solutions we provide include:

eBook Creation
With the continual change in technology eBooks have become a necessity. When we create an eBook you recieve and maintain ownership and control over your text.

eCommerce Development
Authors and publishers are the best sellers of their books. However, often they refer buyers to other websites for purchases. With our eCommerce development program authors and publishers can sell books through their website or link to our eCommerce portal while maintaining total control and flexibility.

eMarketing Services
We will represent the sale of your book through our affiliate marketing program at no additional cost to you. Our marketing program utilizes many marketing channels  and does not cost authors or publishers anything until a book is sold. 

Consolidate many of your printing and publishing needs under one roof.
To find out more about any of these services please visit www.dpztechnology.com.

Customer Spotlight - The Berean Call

February 23, 2015

Founded three decades ago under the direction of bestselling author and Bible teacher Dave Hunt, the ministry of The Berean Call (TBC) remains steadfast in its mission to alert believers in Christ to unbiblical teachings and practices impacting the church and to exhort believers to give greater heed to biblical discernment and truth.

The ministry derives its name from the book of Acts, where Paul commends those who listened to his teaching in Berea for being “more noble than those in Thessalonica . . . [because] they . . . searched the scriptures daily'” to see if his teaching was in accordance to the Word of God (Acts 17:11).

Today, The Berean Call exhorts believers to “earnestly contend for the faith” (Jude 3) and to "prove all things; hold fast to that which is good" (1 Thessalonians 5:21). In addition to a vast research website, the ministry offers a free monthly newsletter and weekly radio podcast. TBC also produces and distributes books, videos, audio recordings, and other outreach materials.

Dickinson Press has been fortunate to work on a number of publications for The Berean Call. As a small publisher, The Berean Call values the flexibility that Dickinson Press offers. We recently asked TBC's creative director and print production manager, Mark Dinsmore, what makes Dickinson Press his vendor of choice:

“DP offers us great flexibility in terms of scale as well as binding and finishing choices. We’ve done everything from hardcover books with dust jackets and embossing to unique production challenges, such as paperbacks with front and back flaps.”

Additionally, Dickinson’s wide range of printing solutions affords TBC the ability to utilize both traditional offset printing as well as short-run, print on demand technology. “With offset runs,” shared Mr. Dinsmore, “we've recently found new cost-effectiveness for printing as few as 2,000 copies, and of course with DP Digital, we get near-instant gratification for almost anything we wish to put into print.”

As a non-profit ministry, The Berean Call values Dickinson’s commitment to Christian practices and principles, a long history of Bible printing, and a personal relationship with local Business Development Manager Terry Musclow. According to Mr. Dinsmore, “In addition to other factors, one of the unique characteristics of DP we appreciate is their legacy of Bible printing.”

The unique ability to print on lightweight paper makes Dickinson one of only a handful of domestic printers able to produce Bibles and Hymnals. The experienced and dedicated sales team is committed to building lasting relationships, providing personal attention, and offering complete customer satisfaction.

“There is one individual who has kept us connected and satisfied through the years to the point that it would be difficult to shop for printing anywhere else—and that is our faithful sales representative, Terry Musclow,” said TBC’s Mark Dinsmore. “In an industry rife with personnel turnover, Terry has not only kept us informed of new production capabilities and efficiencies, but has consistently modeled character and integrity with rare compassion for the well-being of his customers.”

We at Dickinson truly appreciate our partnership with The Berean Call, and we value their continued loyalty and support. To find out more about TBC’s ministry or the products they offer please visit www.thebereancall.org.


Customer Spotlight - Good Will Publishers/ TAPS Division

November 26, 2014

TAPS publishes Military Memorial Bibles and One Who Served, A Memorial Tribute to Your Veteran.

One Who Served, A Memorial Tribute to Your Veteran, is a gift to be presented to the family when they lose a loved one who served in the United States Armed Forces.  Created with the bereaved family in mind, this unique book provides a place to record personal information and special memories, as well as a section honoring our national heritage of military service.   The volume provides help and grief recovery resources for family members as well as other helpful information, such as how to retrieve military records, replace lost medals, request VA benefits, and request a presidential certificate.

 It took over a year to write, design and edit One Who Served.  When the time came to choose a printer for this project, Good Will had very exacting standards.  The printing had to be flawless and in keeping with the somber tone of the publication.

Good Will Senior Vice-President Edward F. Gallagher IV, himself retired US Navy and Co-Author, describes his experience with Dickinson Press.  They understood my requirements from the beginning of the project.  I told them that our volume would be presented to grieving families at graveside right after the American flag is handed to the surviving spouse. In short, this book has to be perfect…and representative of the solemn and honorable nature of a military burial. Dickinson Press took ownership of the project and gave us exactly what we needed with expert advice on paper, colors and the entire printing process.  

Featuring Smyth Sewn binding with a padded cover and silver gilding, One Who Served features 116 pages of original illustrations, photographs and text.  The artwork was commissioned especially for the volume.  Dickinson Press was humbled and grateful to be asked to participate in such an important project. The entire team at Dickinson paid particular attention during the manufacturing process in order to create the highest quality product to honor our military men, women and their families. Find out more about One Who Served A Memorial Tribute to Your Veteran by visiting www.onewhoserved.com.

Good Will Senior Vice-President Edward F. Gallagher IV and Dickinson Press southeast regional sales representative Curtis Williams.

Featuring Smyth Sewn binding with a padded cover and silver gilding, One Who Served features 116 pages of original illustrations, photographs and text.