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Job Status

Expect More real-time job status information

Book printing is a complex process that goes through many stages of preparation and prepress production as well as the actual press run and binding.

Every order has a deadline or delivery date, and every customer has a natural curiosity and concern as to how things are proceeding.  This is why, in 2006, we committed to institute a sophisticated, computer-driven online status report program. 

When you issue a purchase order to us, we respond with a private electronic passkey that gives you access to the processing of your order at any given time of the day or night.  This status is updated step-by-step in real time by the actual persons working on your job.  The service allows you to stay as close to the progress of the work as though you are actually an observer at our plant, but without the need for earplugs.

This service provides three related advantages: it keeps the pressure on us to honor our delivery dates, and it relieves you of the anxiety of wondering and waiting.  Most important, perhaps is the fact that once you are given a job status passkey, it will remain exclusively yours for as long as our relationship continues. This means you can file it away and use it for any and every job now and in the future.  This is just one more way of expecting more from our commitment to you.